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100 years after the murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht: “It is disgusting the way the SPD wants to wash its hands of responsibility”

Concerning the media coverage of the 100th anniversary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, Gabi Fechtner, MLPD Party Chairwoman, declares: “On Sunday 15,000 people demonstrated in Berlin in commemoration of the November Revolution Centennial and the revolutionaries Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, who were murdered 100 years ago. ...

... This was appreciably more people than in previous years. It shows that the search for a societal alternative is growing. Of course, it was also noted that the two were murdered with the connivance of the then Social-Democratic Party (SPD) leadership. The coverage of these events is an expression of the rightward development of the government, which is also reflected in many bourgeois media.”

Gabi Fechtner criticizes: “It is disgusting the way various SPD leaders today want to wash the hands of the SPD of responsibility. The Social-Democratic newspaper Vorwärts just recently even proudly Twittered: 'The SPD defends democracy – also with the aid of the military.’ Yes, it defended bourgeois democracy, the rule of big corporations and banks, and smashed the workers’ and soldiers’ councils. And it did it with the help of the fascist and ultra-reactionary military, which later was guarantor of the seizure of power by Hitlerite fascism and helped start World War II.”

Finally Fechtner points out: “Television and newspapers sneered at the fact that at the LLL demonstration alleged 'Stalinists' – presumably chiefly referring to the MLPD – also demonstrated. What a farce: the demonstration commemorates revolutionaries who were murdered by fascist Freikorps paramilitaries. Revolutionaries who fought an imperialism which a few years later spawned its cruelest form of rule, Hitlerite fascism – and many bourgeois media have nothing better to do than to warn against 'Stalinists'? Historian Ernst Pieper even complains that one saw, of all things, 'communists' at the memorial. I would like to remind him that Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were, after all, co-founders of the Communist Party of Germany – and that they were brutally murdered because they were communists. We are proud that the communists and Marxist-Leninists are the political heirs of Liebknecht and Luxemburg!”

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