Juli 15, 2004: Strike in the DaimlerChrysler Plants in Germany

Today the workforce in the plants of DaimlyChrysler is on strike nationwide. Out of the 160,000 employees at least 80,000 workers in 11 locations are participating in this strike. At midnight already the nightshift has stopped working as in the plant in Duesseldorf. In Stuttgart the workforce is marching on the expressway to the plant in Untertuerkheim. While the reformist works council leaderships have planned the day of action as continuation of the company meetings it has become evident that the workforce of the corporation is ready to fight against the offensive of exploitation in one of the biggest international supermonopolies (416,500 employees worldwide). Already during the last days tens of thousands of blue- and white-collar workers staged protest actions and warning strikes. This is the answer to a horror program by which the executive board of DC wants to blackmail the workforce. In order to increase the profits by 500 million Euros in the DC plants in Germany alone the employees should sacrifice 700 Euros per months on average by wage cuts, cuts of wage supplements and break regulations, and they should also put up with the extension of working hours to 40 hours per week without wage compensation. To make the workforce compliant the executive board of the corporation is threatening the relocation of the production of the C-class from Sindelfingen (South Germany) to Bremen (North Germany) and South Africa. However, the workers and employees are rejecting the splitting: "The Mercedes-boss Juergen Hubbert wants the trial of strength - and he shall have it" - more and more employees are thinking like that. "If they want to cut 20 per cent of our wages we can easily strike for several weeks - without strike pay. It this will be successful we will be better off than with the horrific catalogue of Hubber." In such a way one correspondent is describing the mood in Bremen. The factory groups of the MLPD are supporting an unlimited strike and are organizing the struggle. The political struggle for a full legal right to strike in all matters which does not exist in Germany is playing an important role in this context. The workers' newspaper "Stoßstange" (bumper) appearing every day and in which the MLPD is cooperating, is proving its worth as an important instrument for the cooperation of the workforce within the corporation. With the help of its international contacts the workers of DaimlyChrysler in East London in South Africa have already been informed. It has turned out that there as well the management is trying to blackmail the workers into accepting an extension of the weekly hours of work from 40 to 45 hours. In a leaflet distributed in East London it says: " Let us come together to fight jointly with our colleagues In Germany against the intensification of exploitation by the DaimlyChrysler bosses."

The workers of other companies in Germany have declared their solidarity and are discussing the necessity of taking up the struggle by themselves. Already 3 weeks ago 25,000 blue- and white-collar workers of Siemens organized a militant day of action. Afterwards the rightist trade union leadership bowed to the board of directors of the corporation, which the monopolies like DC understood as encouragement for their attacks. However, the workers are drawing their own conclusions. They have to inflict a defeat on the monopolies as a signal for the entire working class: No concessions - complete cancellation of the attacks!

It is necessary to combine the strike against the attacks of the monopolies with the struggle against the federal government, especially against the Hartz-IV-laws (which will produce a massive impoverishment of people who are long-term unemployed), in order to involve the broad masses in the struggle against the monopolies and the government.

Support the struggle of the employees of DaimlerChrysler and the international cooperation in the struggle against the attacks of the monopolies.

United and organized the international working class is unbeatable!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Dear colleagues and comrades,

we ask you to pass on the information on the struggle to the workers in the international companies of DaimlerChrysler as possible.

Very important are concrete reports on the situation in the various plants which we ask to publish in the workers' newspaper "Stoßstange" (bumber).

Solidarity messages to be passed on to the DC-colleagues to: info@mlpd.de

Further current information in the internet on www.rf-news.de

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