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May 1, 2004: International Working-Class Unity – Fight for Work, Peace – Genuine Socialism! Strengthen the MLPD! There is a different way!

Call for May Day 2003 by the MLPD (Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany)

On the occasion of May Day this year, the question arises: Can the workers and the masses of people put up with what that those in government and the monopolies burden on to them? How should things go on after in Germany alone more than half a million people demonstrated against the anti-people governmental policy on April 3?

With the Agenda 2010, the Schröder/Fischer government with its grand Berlin coalition has started the dismantling of the social security systems. Just like mocking us the bourgeois mass media are insistently trying to make us believe: "human work is too expensive". In order to reduce unemployment the enterprises would have to be relieved and the wage and salary earners would kindly have to "work long hours".

The programs of the corporations amount to the following: rapid increase of labor intensity and labor productivity by 20 to 30 per cent. The extension of working hours to 40 hours and more does not create jobs, it creates the framework for destroying hundred of thousands of jobs, while, at the same time, the workers and employees are squeezed even more intensely. In addition, with subsidized transfer of locations financed by the taxes from the masses and with the new round of mergers of corporations, mass unemployment is pushed up. We are facing a new wave of job cuts and rapid intensification of exploitation in the factories.

A Dilemma

In economic terms, the monopolies are compelled to force through their programs; on the other hand, they are afraid of a trial of strength with the workers. At first, they backed off during the contract negotiations in the metal industry. Since then, they have backed off whenever the workers are fighting, e.g. at Opel (General Motors), Bosch or Bombardier. By intentionally confusing tactics they try to disorient the workers and to keep them away from fighting. For: The monopolies are politically on the defensive when the workers are fighting.

The workers and their families cannot afford the policy of the rightist trade union leadership of "helping to socially shape" the Agenda 2010, and the acceptance of permanent deterioration of wage and working conditions. Trade-union strikes and, above all, independent mass strikes are a sharp weapon to make the anti-people governmental programs and plans of the corporations unworkable. The working-class movement repeatedly proved that it is capable of winning trials of strength. In 1996, independent mass strikes prevented the abolition of continued payment in event of illness - and marked the beginning of the end of the Kohl government.

Is there no different way?

Many people are asking this question. It seems absurd: the more productivity of human labor increase, the more insecurity, poverty and misery are rising worldwide. While space probes are accurately sent to the Mars, two billion people must get along without clean drinking water. The contradiction between the highly developed internationalized productive forces on one hand and, on the other, the inability to create humane living conditions and a high cultural standard for the whole of mankind, has social causes. The crucial impediment for social progress is monopoly rule. A radical social change is necessary, in which the dictatorship of the monopolies will be overcome and a liberated society will emerge, in which not profit, but the people are in the fore. A socialist society without exploitation, starvation, wars and destruction of the natural foundations of life. Socialism is the concentration of the most progressive achievements of mankind for the benefit of society.


When are the workers a powerful force?


Their power lies in their number. In the interlinked production systems of the international monopolies alone there are more than one hundred million workers. But the working class is strong only if organized and in struggle. In contrast, competition for locations of production, nationalist splitting, religious fanaticism are means of those in rule to play the workers off against each other. If the workers allow themselves to get drawn into this downward spiral, they will lose. They can win only if they overcome splits and competition by uniting on an international level.

To defend and improve its wage and working conditions the working class needs strong, überparteiliche (non party-affiliated) trade unions as fighting organizations. To take the way of the working-class offensive, the workers need a political organization. A strong revolutionary workers' party is necessary. The MLPD has proven: People can rely on it, word and deed are in agreement. The MLPD is committed to the international unity of the working class and a socialist perspective.


Out into the Streets on the First of May!

-          Take an active part in the demonstrations and rallies of the DGB (German Trade Union Federation). Prepare May Day in the factories with your own slogans and demands, self-made posters and banners. Visit the meetings of the MLPD!

-          International working-class unity - fight for work, peace - genuine socialism! Strengthen the MLPD!

-          Down with the Agenda 2010 - we are the people!

-          The Schröder/Fischer govenment must step down - the country needs new politicians!

-          Fight for every job - for the 30-hour workweek with full wage compensation!

-          Fight for higher wages and salaries - hands off the right of free collective bargaining and the industry-wide collective agreements! Equal pay for equal work worldwide!

-          Full payment of social-security contributions by the enterprises according to their turnover!

-          Fight the stealing of pensions - Lowering of the retirement age to 60 years for men and to 55 years for women without loss of pension!

-          Full legal right to strike in all matters! No restriction of political and trade-unionist activity at work!

-          Defend the trade unions as fighting organizations! For strong general labor union - No incompatibility rulings against Marxist-Leninists in the trade unions!

-          Solidarity with the struggle of the Iraqi people for national and social liberation! Immediate withdrawal of all occupation forces! Withdrawal of all German military forces from other countries!

-          Workers of all countries, unite!

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