Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution

“By unleashing the international productive forces, the reorganization of international production has ushered in the Götterdämmerung of international finance capital. At the beginning of its crusade around the globe, international finance capital still reveled in fantasies of omnipotence and dreams of eternity.


Today, their mood is one of general hangover: the crisis-proneness of the social system proves irreversible. But the turn of a new era already looms on the horizon; the dawning of the international socialist revolution becomes visible. And yet, the old masters will not make way voluntarily, even if they drag the whole of humanity with them into capitalist barbarism.

The decision for the international revolution must be made by the workers and the masses themselves.


To help them make this decision and together with them sweep every obstacle out of the way so that they can fulfill their historical mission – that, in a nutshell, sums up the tasks of the Marxist-Leninists in the whole world today.”




Engel, Stefan

Stefan Engel, born in 1954, is a trained mechanic and works today as a free publicist. Since 1968 he has been actively involved in the building of the MLPD, and since 1975 has been one of its leading representatives. From the late 1980s up until 2016 he held positions of responsibility in the international revolutionary working-class movement. mehr


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