Fight Liquidationsism

Since the mid-1970s the party increasingly had to come to grips with liquidationism.


“With a decrease of the workers’ struggles in 1974 on the background of the fluctuating stagnation in the economy, many petty-bourgeois elements within the working-class movement became insecure and doubted the correctness of the proletarian line, attacked it and thus entered the grounds of liquidationism. ... The altered economic and political situation and its reactionary effects are the most important features of the material basis of current liquidationism.” (Revolutionärer Weg, No. 15, p. 12)


Revolutionärer Weg, No. 15, became a milestone in the building of the proletarian party, because for the first time it compiled the manifold manifestations of the petty-bourgeois mode of thinking in the struggle for the building of the new-type Marxist-Leninist party, providing proof that here the main cause of liquidationism had to be sought. With its fundamental orientation to fighting liquidationism it has become an important weapon in the struggle to preserve the proletarian character of the party.



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