The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and of Opportunism

Es ist der zweite Teil von 4 Nummern der Schrift: "The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology, and the Doctrine of the Mode of Thinking" von Stefan Engel in englischer Sprache. Part II The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and of Opportunism


The second part of the book series, The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology, and the Doctrine of the Mode of Thinking, deals with the essential variants of bourgeois ideology since the reorganization of international capitalist production in the 1990s. In view of the growing capitalist crisis chaos and a widespread ideological disorientation, the emphasis in this second part is on the critique of the most important opportunist currents of the present day.


Opportunism seeks to dissuade the working-class and people’s movements from class struggle and scientific socialism. It exerts a harmful influence on parts of the international revolutionary and working-class movement. Every politically thinking, responsibly acting person must ask themselves today where they stand in regard to the globe-spanning capitalist system. Along with absurd wealth, it produces misery for millions and puts the basis of human life at risk. Does one howl with the wolves then and bury the dream of a liberated society for good, only because socialism had to accept a temporary defeat due to the revisionist betrayal in the Soviet Union or in China? Or does one help the gigantic progress of scientific knowledge and practical achievements in social production to break through against the maelstrom of pragmatism and opportunism, and join in the necessary revolutionary transformation of society?








Engel, Stefan

Stefan Engel, born in 1954, is a trained mechanic and works today as a free publicist. Since 1968 he has been actively involved in the building of the MLPD, and since 1975 has been one of its leading representatives. From the late 1980s up until 2016 he held positions of responsibility in the international revolutionary working-class movement. mehr


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