The Restoration of Capitalism in the Soviet Union

The restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union since 1956 was a severe defeat for the international Marxist-Leninist and working-class movement. It produced great uncertainty and led to a split in the worldwide communist movement, throwing the worldwide struggle for socialism back considerably.

The book exposed modern revisionism as basis for the system change in terms of world outlook. Not every party recognized the restoration of capitalism because they, too, were influenced by the revisionist ideas of the CPSU and the DKP and followed the road taken by the CPSU. Others, like the Communist Party of China, fundamentally criticized this road. For party building in Germany, but also for the international Marxist-Leninist movement, it was decisive to analyze this betrayal and its causes and process them creatively.

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 7, proves that the Soviet Union was de- stroyed from within by a new bourgeoisie with a Party membership card in its pockets, that the dictatorship of the proletariat was reversed. The takeover of power by the new bourgeoisie paved the way also for a fundamental change in the economic base. This analysis is carried out in Revolutionärer Weg, No. 8. Once the capitalist laws have been introduced, they operate au- tomatically, both inside the country and externally.

Revolutionärer Weg, No. 9, deals with the evolution of the new- type capitalism into social-imperialism and with the further development of modern revisionism by Brezhnev and Deng Xiaoping. This book has been translated into four languages today, including Russian, and disseminated worldwide. It is a fundamental work that has helped many people to understand this development and to take the road of constructing a new party.



Dickhut, Willi

Willi Dickhut was a modest person with many interests. He pursued his socialist goals, which he had already decided on as a young man, with utmost consistency, without sparing himself, even at the risk of his life. mehr


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